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Melissa Mlasko

Headshot image for Melissa Mlasko, Financial Advisor

Melissa Mlasko, Financial Advisor

“As an advisor, I have been helping my clients with their needs in the areas of Medicare planning, asset protection, and growth of income/legacy since 2002.

I am dedicated to meeting my client’s needs and growing our insurance and financial planning business by servicing others.  In addition to helping grow the office, I have been a part of training new advisors and performing at a top-level by working with my existing clients and acquiring new ones. 

While helping Seniors with Medicare benefits and dealing with my own family struggles, I have a passion to meet the needs of my clients in the areas of extended care and fulfilling legacy wishes.

I am actively involved in my community and welcome opportunities to speak for educational purposes.

I am devoted to my family and my clients.  I enjoy working with the senior population and truly believe they give me satisfaction in my life.  The way I have conducted my life and my business is by doing what is right for others.  I enjoy spending time with my husband, Dale, and our four boys who are grown now as well as collecting antiques, gardening, and decorating.”

Community Connections

  • Bethel Assembly of God

  • The Heritage Foundation


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